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So, you’re working 40 hours/week on your art career? That’s pretty cool! Most people who call themselves artists don’t even get near this number of hours, so congrats on that. As you can see above there are also artists who work upwards of 60, 70, 80 hours/week, so that’s an option for you as well – if it’s an option. To get to be able to dedicate 40 hours/week to your art career means you were born with money, you partnered up with someone who will earn money while you create (smart), or you’re pilling on an extra 40 hours/week on top of your other 40 hours/week that you dedicate to your job.

If the first one sounds like you, then please come in an buy some art from us – and fast! If the second one sounds you then congrats on finding a stable, money-producing partner; I’m sure you help out a lot around the house to make up for it. If the last one sounds like you, then wow! That’s a lot of dedication. Nice job!

If you’ve been doing this workload for decades than chances are you’re also successful. If you’ve been doing it for just a few years then you’re on your path to success. If you’ve just been doing it for a couple of weeks then keep going, just don’t keeping reading this post: switch to one that will have advice tailored to you. 

Are you selling lots of work, but just looking for a new city/space to show in? Feel free to call/text and leave a message with your full name and city. 

We’ll Google you your website will pop up and hopefully some links to some media as well. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have much media at this point; some day you will, just keep up that work ethic. 

If you look like an amazing human being creating stunning art that fits into what we’re doing then go ahead and text us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we get a free moment to schedule a meeting with you: (509) 270-5804.

And, because you’re a smart artist you also understand that our hands are extremely full keeping our business alive and thriving so we won’t be able to reply to all inquiries. Calling you up and explaining to you why you don’t fit right now into our program sounds like a terrible way to spend time for both you and us, doesn’t it?

Thanks again for doing the work, putting in the time. We hope things work out and we can work together. Thank you!

In the meantime, here are some great articles written by a highly successful arts advisor in California with decades upon decades of experience in the art world : Absolutely Essential Artist TipsWhat Galleries Look For In Artists, and Common Misconceptions About Galleries. Being a highly-successful professional you’ll recognize much of what he says, but some of it will be new to you. These articles will be especially helpful for those artists who haven’t started a new relationship with a gallery in a while. Have fun!