Featured In USA TODAY, Winner of The Inlander’s Best Of - Fine Art Gallery In Spokane, WA.

So you live in the Spokane area. That’s great. Hope you’re having an excellent time here working hard and enjoying the fruits of your hard work. 

Please choose which of the following most closely describes you, then click on it. 

Each of the following links will help you develop your career. If you’re at the stage of being ready to apply to show at Marmot, then it will also show you how to do just that. Thanks!

I’m a highly-successful, full time artist. 

I’m a full time artist and I make my living from my art.

I teach at a university.

I dedicate 80 hours/week to my art.

I dedicate 60 hours/week to my art.

I dedicate 40 hours/week to my art.

I have an M.F.A.

I have a B.A. in Art.

I create art when I get a chance, a few hours a week.

I’m an adult who has never taken any university art classes.

I’m in high school. 

I’m in junior high.

I’m in grade school. 

I’m in kindergarten.