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Are you looking to sell your art at Marmot? Friends, we’ve spent hundreds of hours working on a complete guide to help artists understand the gallery scene. It’s almost finished. For now, here’s some helpful info. Thanks for your patience.

Are you a highly-successful professional artist from OUTSIDE our area looking for a show? We’re booked up for quite awhile, but occasionally someone finds a way to slip in. Are you selling a ton of work, but just looking for a new city to show in? Feel free to call and leave a message with your full name and city. We’ll Google you and if it looks like you are indeed a highly-successful full time professional artist then all your links will pop up – the links to various articles in various media – along with your website. If you look like an amazing human being creating stunning art that fits into what we’re doing then go ahead and make that call and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. (509) 270-5804. After leaving the message, please explore the rest of the website as we’ve provided some links to some fantastic articles on the art business written by an expert from the Bay Area with decades of experience. 

Are you a LOCAL artist interested in showing your artwork? We’ve got most of the next several years already booked, but opportunities sometimes come up for the right person – that right person is ALL of the following: 1) insanely talented, 2) has been working for a decade or two (or seven) or more 60-90 hours/week building his or her audience, 3) has shown dozens of times in informal and formal settings, 4) has learned a ton from each of those shows and 5) sold a lot of work. 

If that sounds like you, then please read thru the following articles and contact us when you’re finished. Even if the above doesn’t sound like you, an intelligent artist would read through theses articles to learn about fine art galleries. There’s some amazing info in these articles that could really help your art career. If you read these articles carefully then you’ll understand how to reach out to a fine art gallery without shooting yourself in the foot first. It’s not fun to see people constantly shooting themselves in the foot because they haven’t carefully prepared themselves to make an amazing first impression. Do yourself a favor and come prepared. Be a pro. Thank you. 

These articles are absolutely packed with essential info that nobody has ever told you : Absolutely Essential Artist Tips. We suggest you read this article very, very carefully: What Galleries Look For In Artists then follow it’s many suggestions. And don’t miss this one: Common Misconceptions About Galleries. All three of these articles were written by a highly successful arts advisor in California with decades upon decades of experience in the art world.

Are you from OUTSIDE SPOKANE and looking to exhibit at Marmot? Are you currently selling a ton of work, but just looking to expand where your work is sold? Do you often appear in your local media because you’re clearly the cream of the crop in your city? Have you been working 60-90 hour workweeks building your career and audience for a couple decades? Do you have a huge following on social media because everyone loves you and respects your accomplishments? If all of the above is true then thank you so much for working so hard for so long that you stand out from all your peers. Please leave a message on our cellphone stating the above and we’ll get back you ASAP. And don’t forget to give us your full name which we’ll use to Google you and all your info will be right there. Thank you. 

Local artists – we love you! If at some point you want to email us, please search around for the way to email us. If you’ve read the aforementioned articles, this will make total sense; if it doesn’t, check out the articles again. We didn’t write them, but they are amazing articles.

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