The Spokesman-Review got it right: “With Marmot Show Legendary Artist Makes A Return To Spokane”

WHAT: Alfredo’s hometown is Morelia, Mexico, but he’s been painting in Seattle for decades. The Smithsonian purchased his work and has it on display. The Smithsonian! He just got back from Morelia where he received the Key To The City from the mayor. There’s talk of building him his own museum. His own museum. And he’s a really nice guy!

MORE: “An artist of magic, mystery, and revelation, whose place in the history of North American Art has already been secured”. Check out his book Patterns of Dreams and Nature here.

MORE: Born in Mexico in 1935 and a resident of Washington State for nearly five decades, Alfredo Arreguín has long been recognized as a major force in pattern painting. His canvases are tapestries that mingle diverse and interpenetrating influences and images: the traditional crafts of his native Michoacán; the lush rainforests of his homeland and of the Pacific Northwest; Japanese ukiyo-e prints; sacred and endangered animals; gods and and totemic figures; icons like Frida Kahlo and César Chávez; and motifs including masks, eyes, and abstractly patterned tiles.

But Arreguin’s paintings, for all the apparent flatness of their surfaces, conceal an astonishing depth of perspective. The basis of their composition is a grid of colorful patterns applied to superimposed planes, and below the surface of each completed painting are many others, transformed by the artist’s strategic occlusions and erasures. The result is an exuberant, phosphorescent visual interplay in which images combine to form other images, yielding a potent narrative power and pointing up the profound, ambiguous symbiosis between human beings and nature, fiction and reality, and the natural and supernatural worlds.

Ric is just coming off his feature show in our region’s crown jewel, the MAC (Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture). He’s been featured on the cover of The Inlander and also has a book out by the prestigious UW Press.

WHERE: First Friday happens throughout the Kendall Yards Business District, but has always been centered at Marmot Art Space (1202 Summit Pkwy, in Adams Alley, right across the alley from Craftsman Cellars and Solace – Mead & Cider).

WHY ATTEND: It’s another amazing art party in Kendall Yards! This is the best night of each month, a great opportunity to get out of the house and visit with your neighbors in Spokane’s most exciting neighborhood. Come for the art, stay for the food and drink! Or vice versa. You choose – either way you’ll have a great time!

WHY ELSE: Our newest neighbor, Solace Mead & Cider opened recently. Great excuse to visit them. Never been to Boutique Bleu, our new women’s clothing boutique? Friday is a great day for that! Core Pilates, Solace, and William Grant Gallery & Framing all host artists as well. Why not have a glass of wine at Craftsman Cellars while you check out their artist? Of course, Brainfreeze Ice Creamery, Central Food, Veraci Pizza, Wandering Table, Nectar Wine & Beer, will all be happy to see you, too!

MORE: Veraci Pizza, on the house!

MORE: Kids are always welcome.

We’ve been working for over two years to turn Kendall Yards into an arts destination. Marmot will always be at the center and, as the only space in Kendall Yards dedicated completely to the visual arts, we’ll always focus on the biggest artists around, but we’re excited to continue to promote all the great things happening on First Fridays in Kendall Yards!

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FUTURE ARTISTS: Marmot Art Space has hosted a wide variety of local artists and local projects – a healthy mix of established and emerging artists, as well as projects that help to make Spokane a better place to visit, work, live, love, strive, and play. In 2016, we ventured into working with international artists and we plan to continue that.

The community will continue to play a role in suggesting artists and projects – not just the artistic community, but voices from the entire community will be heard. Marshall will have the final say on who exhibits at Marmot. We are not currently seeking artists, as the response has been enormous already and 2017-2018 is completely booked.

Wondering how we decide who to work with? We’re looking for the total package: a person who is not just hugely talented, but also a wonderful human being – honest, positive, hard-working, caring, open and more than anything, someone willing and able to collaborate. Any show at Marmot is a collaboration between Marshall and the artist. Any artist that we choose to work with must understand the benefits of collaboration and be prepared to put in the time, energy, care, and attention that will result in an amazingly successful show. The focus is not just making and mounting the art, but to the entire collaborative process, an undertaking that draws on our distinctive talents and creates something singular and remarkable in the process. Both the artist and Marshall have unique skill sets and we’re excited to see the magic that is the natural result of two talented people working off each other’s strengths.

Are you interested in showing your artwork? We’ve got most of 2017-2018 already booked, but opportunities sometimes come up for the right person. It’s very important that you read this article carefully and follow its suggestions: Contacting Galleries – How To Do It Right. Once you’ve done that, this is an excellent article as well: What Galleries Look For In Artists. Please read it very, very carefully then follow it’s many suggestions. If at some point you want to email us, please search around for the way to email us. If you’ve read the aforementioned article, this will make total sense; if it doesn’t, check out the article again. We didn’t write it, but it is an amazing article. We ask that you do the work before you contact us with questions. Please don’t blindly contact us without doing any research. You come off as unprofessional when you do that. Thanks for reading to the very end. We’d love to see you at our events!