Marmot Art Space is located in new/ hot/ trendy/ fun/ exciting Kendall Yards neighborhood in Spokane, Wa., just a few blocks from the beautiful Spokane Falls and Riverfront Park. The neighborhood is being created as we speak and something new is always happening. Google “Kendall Yards” to find out more.

Marmot is located in Adams Alley, just off the main drag, Summit Pkwy. The easiest way to find us on the web is to Google 1206 W. Summit Pkwy. If you’re strolling the neighborhood, just look for MonkeyBoy Bicycles or Craftsman Cellars. When you find them, just turn into Adams Alley. On one side, you’ll see our newest amazing neighbors, Solace Mead & Cider. On the other side is us. If you haven’t checked our Solace yet, you just have to. Then come on over to pay us a visit. Or vice versa. But usually it’s more fun to visit them first.

Our peak days are First Fridays, 5-8pm. We’ve gotten some amazing crowds of people, and it gets pretty festive, so if you’re not into crowds, try to show up early. We’re also open Fridays and Saturdays from 5-9pmish. We stay open later when people are present. You will usually find us at the gallery Saturdays noon-5pm, especially during the summer months, as well as 4-8pm during the Kendall Yards Night Market. Make sure to check our Facebook page to keep up on all the special events or call us to confirm that we’ll be open: (509) 270-5804

Come on down to check out some of the best restaurants/bars in town (Central Food, Wandering Table, Veraci Pizza, Nectar Beer & Wine, Brainfreeze Creamery) and cool, local businesses (MonkeyBoy Bicycles, Mom’s Custom Tattoos, Core Pilates & Wellness, Spa Paradiso, William Grant Gallery & Framing) and check out Marmot (or vice versa). Spark Center also hosts amazing events and workshops. Boutique Blue, Renew Float Spa, and Solace: Mead & Cider opened relatively recently, so make sure to visit them as well.

If you’re  interested in purchasing art, please give Marshall a call at (509) 270-5804 and he’ll open the gallery for you. He lives on site and is more than happy to give you a tour.

The following are some media links so that you can get to know Marmot better. See you soon!

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