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So, you’re a highly-successful professional artist? That’s awesome!

First off, congratulations on doing the work – on putting in huge hours for decades to build your career. Everyone wants to be where you’re at, but few have the stamina and willpower and skill to be able to do what it takes to get there. Huge hours, lots of stress, lots of dealing with disappointments and challenges, building your brand, learning and growing and learning and growing, and often worrying about how to pay the bills early in your career. Our hats are off to you! We know how hard it is because we’ve been there. Thank you.

Are you selling a ton of work, but just looking for a new city to show in? Feel free to TEXT US your full name and city.

We’ll Google you and if it looks like you are indeed a highly-successful full time professional artist then all your links will pop up – the links to various articles in various media – along with your awesome website that showcases your incredible art.

If you’re an amazing human being creating stunning art that fits into what we’re doing then go ahead and TEXT US and we’ll get back to you as soon as we get a free moment to schedule a meeting with you: (509) 270-5804.

And, because you’re a highly-successful full time artist you also understand that our hands are extremely full keeping our business alive and thriving so we won’t be able to reply to all inquiries. We are fully committed to serving the artists we already have committed to serving and that takes a lot of time and energy to do well. Calling you up and explaining to you why you don’t fit right now into our program sounds like a terrible way to spend time for both you and us, doesn’t it? You will definitely go into our database we’ll follow your career and contact you if something comes up that you look great for.

Thanks again for doing the work, putting in the time, creating relationships, building your career. We hope things work out and we can work together. Thank you!

In the meantime, here are some great articles written by a highly successful arts advisor in California with decades upon decades of experience in the art world. Each of them provides lots of great clues as to how to thrive as a visual artist : Absolutely Essential Artist Tips, What Galleries Look For In Artists, and Common Misconceptions About Galleries. Being a highly-successful professional you’ll recognize much of what he says, but some of it will be new to you. These articles will be especially helpful for those artists who haven’t started a new relationship with a gallery in a while. Have fun!