Featured In USA TODAY, Winner of The Inlander’s Best Of - Fine Art Gallery In Spokane, WA.


Marmot had its first show during a “soft opening” in February 2015. We had a great time and Melissa Cole sold a ton of art, but we were still putting finishing touches on the gallery, so we decided to bring back Melissa for the formal opening during March. She again sold a ton of art, proving that you can have the same artist back-to-back and be successful. Melissa Cole is one of Spokane’s most talented and beloved visual artists.

KYFFMELCSMThe March show, entitled “Fast-n-Furriest” was almost all new work, created during a 8 day burst of energy. Melissa painted like crazy and didn’t sleep much to make sure to distinguish this show from “Under The Influence… Of Nature” – the show that Melissa prepared for the February “soft” pre-opening event.

Melissa has won numerous commissions for massive public art pieces, the most notable being the 22 x 24 foot mural at the entrance to the Spokane Convention Center. Other notable projects include the 5th Street pedestrian bridge in Lewiston, Idaho and the Ruby and Ruby2 hotels in Spokane. Melissa just won another public art compete ition to work in an elementary school in Alaska.

KYFFMMPOSTERS50BFBDuring April 2015, we showed the Spokane Fifty project, a community-building project that uses photography as the medium to engage people in celebrating Spokane.

This show focused on the most recent generation of participants. The only way to find out the secret of who they were was to visit Marmot. At some point in the future, the most recent generation will appear on the webpage. For now, we want you to get out of your house and into to the community and visit us in Kendall Yards.

If you would like to find out more about the first generations, please check out SPOKANEFIFTY.COM

Click here to read an article that the Spokesman-Review wrote about Spokane Fifty.


During May 2015, we showed Ben Joyce.

Ben had just returned from his annual exhibition at GOOGLE EARTH. Yes, that Google Earth! Ben has clearly touched a nerve with his “Abstract Topophilia”, or “Love Of Place”.

“I created Abstract Topophilia, love of place, out of an unconventional approach to art. Like the places I capture, the pieces are moving, pulsing, ever changing. The shaped edges and cut outs break up the traditional hard lines of a square canvas that confine the experience, allowing the viewer to expand the painting beyond its borders with their knowledge of the area”

Ben Joyce


During June 2015, we showed Kay O’Rourke’s 30 piece commission The River Remembers. Look for another chance to see this soon. Also during the month of June we showed Ben Joyce’s world premiere of his new Limited Editions series. We blocked off the alley in front of Marmot Art Space and showed it outside. Then, we incorporated it into the Kendall Yards Night Market (kendallnightmarket.org). It was the first time that we opened up the alley, as well as the first time we combined art with the market. Stay tuned for more “firsts”!


During July 2015 we did our first official public Alley Party. We had a great exhibition featuring the most recent 52 covers of the “Most Read Urban Daily in America”, our wonderful neighbor The Inlander. This show was held over during August while everyone was super busy getting in their last days at the lake and preparing for the new school year.


During September 2015, we had the book release party for the book focused on Kay O’Rourke’s 30 piece commission The River Remembers: A Visual History of the Spokane River Gorge. A year in the making, it tells the story of Spokane using the Spokane River as the common thread. Introductions by Kay O’Rourke, Jim Frank, Roy Sonnema, and Marshall E. Peterson Jr. We sold out of copies, but will have more available. Look for updates at Facebook.com/MarmotArtSpace.


We spent October 2015 playing host to Verbatim, an amazing cross disciplinary project headed by Spokane’s Poet Laureate Thom Caraway and his partner in awesome activities Jeff Dodd. 100% of the artworks were sold and left the building soon after. Proceeds went to Ink Artspace, housed across the hall from us in the newly-opened Spark Center. We were featured in the Inlander as one of the top five things to do that week (#2).

The Spokesman-Review featured Thom Caraway here: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2015/oct/14/spokanes-first-poet-laureate-ready-to-pass-the-bat/

In November 2015, Marmot hosted an exhibition by emerging artist Sam White. Massive 7 by 5 foot paintings. Fun, bright, colorful, abstract portraits of Spokane people. Look closely – you may find yourself in one of the portraits! Think Picasso. On steroids. We’ve got over 50 of these paintings – where did we put them all?

We filled KMMFFSAMNP1BVSMendall Yards will Sam’s paintings. Over 20 of them alone in the yet-to-be rented windows of the new Loft 2 building. In Spark Center. In Spa Paradiso. And, of course, at Marmot. Come by any day of the week to
see those that are in the windows during December.

Sam also challenged himself to paint portraits of people involved in PorchFest West Central. The process was the reverse: instead of painting what came straight out of his head, he painted based on black and white photos from the PorchFest website. These could be described as “semi abstract” and were quite challenging for him. We sold almost 100% of them, so they were well received. Sam also grew because of the experience. Double win!

P.S. KSPS Public TV‘s award winning program Northwest Profiles will feature Sam this winter. Congrats Sam!

For December 2015 we had our first GROUP SHOW!


At Marmot, we’re always trying to mix it up: to bring you new things each month. This is our first real group show. Granted, it’s a small group, but it’s pure power!

This is Ric’s first time showing at Marmot and we’re thrilled to have him! You may have seen his 25 year retrospective at Gonzaga’s Jundt Museum earlier this year. You may also recognize him from the cover of the Inlander a few months back. Or, you may have seen his massive murals on the side of the Ruby Hotel.

We had an amazing time with Melissa Cole, whose art work has been on display outside Marmot since we opened. You can also see it as the showpiece at the entrance of the Spokane Convention Center or her bridges in Lewiston. Melissa was our first artist!

Big artists, big artwork!


For January, the terrific trio returned! RIC GENDRON, MELISSA COLE, SAMUEL WHITE!

This lineup got rave reviews. We sold a ton of artwork, too, so we replaced those sold pieces with new ones! All three of the above artists are prolific, so it’s easy for them to create quickly.

Sam’s art was seen all over Kendall Yards – in Spa Paradiso, Spark! Center, in the huge, open space in the new building on the Monroe side of Kendall Yards (Lofts 2) and soon in Veraci Pizza as well.


If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you knew way ahead of time that February’s featured artist would be Jim Dhillon.

The star is of the show is Jim’s 6 foot by 14 foot acrylic painting that he spent months building and painting – seven times the size he normally paints. A rollercoaster ride. Prepare yourself. Keith Haring-esque. It will move you as it moves thru you. Its companion piece was just completed late January. This exhibition will include several dozen other abstract paintings that will line the walls of Marmot as well as the hallway just outside. Family friendly.

We’re excited to have Melissa Cole back! She was our first artist and we had such a great time – everyone lovedimage her and we sold a couple dozen paintings, so we’re bringing her back! AND she’ll be showing us a style of painting that you’ve never seen from her before, wihich is very exciting.

Melissa has won numerous commissions for massive public art pieces, the most notable being the 22 x 24 foot mural at the entrance to the Spokane Convention Center. Other notable projects include the 5th Street pedestrian bridge in Lewiston, Idaho and the Ruby and Ruby2 hotels in Spokane. Melissa just won another public art competition to work in an elementary school in Alaska. She also has the 6′ x 12′ mural outside Marmot. Great to have her back!


May artists were… (drum role, please)… the Creative Life Spokane project!

Creators Jon Lepper and Tim Halloran have spent the past three years shooting portraits of a good chunk of the artists here in Spokane. On display you’ll find over 70 painters, actors, sculptors, photographers, dancers, printmakers, singers, etc.

We appreciate the fact that they took so much time and energy to devote to documenting the “Spokane Scene” and are excited to celebrate their project and Spokane!

Are you an artist interested in being portrayed by Jon and Tim? Come on down to Marmot to meet them.


We hosted famed sculptor Wayne Chabre (SHAY-bur) during June.

Wayne unveiled his huge and amazing statues for Olmsted Green during the first half of First Friday, then came over to Marmot to see a show focusing on smaller works. 4-6pm in the park, then 6-8pm at Marmot.

Wayne is represented by Art Spirit gallery in Coeur d’Alene. It’s a massive 4,000 square foot gallery that has been in the region for almost two decades. We’re excited about the collaboration.

This was quite a treat.

It was fun to host a foreigner. We worked super hard for months and months to get him articles in all the major media and to guide his career. We also took him all around the Northwest, free of charge, because, well, we’re “good people”. Our hopes are that one day he’ll return the favors to someone else at some point. Life is short; be good to others.

Here’s the feature that the Spokesman-Review did: Bartosz In The Spokesman-Review.


We’ve been working for over almost two years to turn Kendall Yards into an arts destination and we’re excited to announce that that’s exactly what’s been happening lately!

You’ll notice that this months’s poster doesn’t just promote the show at Marmot, but all the shows in Kendall Yards. It really is a great place to visit!

We showed Sam White’s “Towers Of Powers” outdoor art project in September. Sam’s been working on these for over six months and now we finally get to show them to you! We took over MarmotBoy Alley and had music, food, fun and games. Just like last year, we had a great time!


You could call September’s show “Bring Your Mother To Work Day” as it was our first mother/daughter exhibition. Marilyn Singh is Melissa (Singh) Cole’s mom! You know and love Melissa, and you’ve seen her work up all over the Inland Northwest, and now you get to meet her mom. Yay! This dynamic duo will surely not disappoint. And their nature artwork will be in the perfect setting: Near Nature, Near Perfect meets Urban By Nature.


We enjoyed featuring DOZENS of local photographers in October! America’s “Best Read Weekly” just finished a competition for the cover of this year’s Annual Manual and the results were outstanding, so we decided to create an exhibition of the best photos. It was a blast sharing them with you!


Love photography? Love books? Love Spokane? We got you covered in November! Love incredible art executed by two of the most recognized and beloved local artists? We’ve got you covered! Love seeing one of the top young European artists to have ever shown in our region? We’ve got you covered! November is a great month to visit.Spokane’s going thru a veritable renaissance! Ever wondered who is behind this amazing growth in the arts and culture? Come meet fifty of them! And check out the new Spokane Fifty book, in black & white and just $20

Spokane Fifty took up half the gallery during November. We’ve placed other works, both small, large (and very large) by Polish artist Bartosz Beda and local artists Ric Gendron and Melissa Cole.

During December, we had the most artists showing ever! Pottery, paintings, prints, photography, monotypes, monoscreens, sculpture, and – you guessed it: paintings, both big and small – acrylics and oils! Featured artists: Carl RichardsonChris KelseyGordon WilsonRic GendronChelsea FrancisCristina Marian, Jessica Vorheis, Clancie PleasantsSusan Reyes, and Kay West! We also had prints for sale from various past artists, including Polish artist Bartosz Beda. The idea was to help you to find local, original art that you can easily take home with you or gift a friend or family member.

This January, we focused on Japanese artist Nishiki Sugawara! Nishiki grew up just outside of Tokyo in a suburb called Yokohama. She now teaches art at the University of Idaho. We’re excited to show her work this First Friday (which actually happened SECOND Friday in January. We had a great time. Thanks to you!

During February, we focused on emerging artist Michael Dinning. He is a mixed media artist who creates large scale narrative sculpture and wall pieces, employing painted canvasses combined with a wide variety of found objects. His artwork is immediately engaging, consistently compelling, and leaves a lasting impression beyond the initial encounter. For Michael, painting and sculpture are, along with the creative vision, something to be built, and that love of the constructive process manifests itself in his complex and expressive artistic creations. We held many events throughout the month and a lot of people we able to see a fantastic show. Thanks for showing up!

During March we celebrated our Two Year Anniversary.We had surprise announcements and events throughout the month; it’s always a good idea to pay close attention to our Facebook page.

This month’s featured artist is a local artist who works with recycled metal. His name is Rick Davis. An electrician by day, he takes throw away metal and turns it into works of arts. Some of his pieces weigh a half a ton and take several years to create. Others are smaller and still others are lots smaller. Where and how he mounts them at Marmot will be quite special. Be prepared for some surprises! We also have art displayed from many local artists, including (but not limited to): Ric Gendron, Melissa Cole, Jim Dhillon, Sam White, Cristina Marina, Gordon Wilson, Christina Rothe, as well as others TBA…

We’re super excited about doing a type of show we’ve never done before! Excited because it’s going to be fun and super excited because of the responses we’ve been receiving so far – people LOVE the idea! 

We’re calling it “SHOW (AND TELL)”. Local arts lovers will be sharing their favorite pieces of art. This will be a fun way to share with each other the incredible experiences people have had with the artworks they’ve picked up over the years. Each person will be interviewed about their first experiences with their art and how it’s affected them positively. The poster to the left is the pre poster, the first ten folks that we’d already taken photos of. They’ll be joined by another half dozen or so to complete the exhibition.

Expect to get to know them, their favorites pieces, and some new art as well! For each art lover, we’ll also have a piece or two for sale from one of their favorite artists, so you can start collecting, too!

Come say, “Hi!” to Audrey Overstreet, Christi Malsam, Katherine Fritchie, Laura Bracken, Amanda Ashing, Andre Larsen, Connie Stout, Celeste Sterrett, Joan Howard, Mike Malsam, Jim Murphy, Jill Murphy, Chris Weepler, Connie McGaughy, Amy Duncan, Nikki Lockwood, Mary Alberts, and Bruce Gage (and more)!

JIM DHILLON – Massive New 14 Foot Artwork – Plus Recent Work by a Dozen Local Artists

Jim Dhillon is back!

WHAT: GU graduate Jim Dhillon is back at Marmot after 15 months away. He’ll bring with him another massive piece that will take up the entire south wall.

WHAT ELSE: Who hasn’t seen Jim’s incredible piece at Veraci Pizza? It’s vibrant, beautiful, abstract, and thought provoking.

He’s been working on this new piece for over a year. We’re excited to show it to you!

In June we had, for the first time ever, anywhere, prints available for The River Remembers!  ONE PRINT PER PAINTING ONLY. That print was a high quality canvass wrap. First come, first served. We sold out of our first run of books, and we just got time to finish up a newer edition. Grab a copy before they sell out again!

July’s featured artist was Carl Richardson & Friends – Various Media

This show put the MULTI in multimedia! A popular professor at SFCC, Carl is constantly combining media and images to find new ways of presenting the world. His work is characterized by expert use of vivid color, striking composition, and haunting imagery. Carl is always pushing the two dimensional world to give up three dimensional imagery. We debuted collaborative digital works by Carl and the Riverpoint Academy. As usual, a very well-attended opening night.


Alfredo is the most important visual artist to visit Spokane this year. We’re very excited that he accepted our invitation to exhibit some of his strikingly beautiful work.

Alfredo’s hometown is Morelia, Mexico, but he’s been painting in Seattle for decades. The Smithsonian purchased his work and has it on display. The Smithsonian! He just got back from Morelia where he received the Key To The City from the mayor. There’s talk of building him his own museum. His own museum. And he’s a really nice guy!

“An artist of magic, mystery, and revelation, whose place in the history of North American Art has already been secured”. Check out his book Patterns of Dreams and Nature here.


The Spokesman-Review described Ruben as “nationally admired” and an “acclaimed artist”. Wikipedia says he was a “a prominent 20th century sculptor and painter”. He was also a admired EWU professor. It’s been almost a decade since he passed and his son (Eugenio) Jose Trejo wished to bring out dozens of Ruben’s work to share with Spokane (and sell). Ruben’s most recent show was at our Inland Empire’s jewel the MAC. Yes, he has work in the prestigious Smithsonian. Yes, the prestigious UW Press produced a book about him. Yes, you need to see this show.

We had artwork by legendary artist Alfredo Arreguin, who also has work in the Smithsonian, along with local legend Ric Gendron. All three artists have been featured in books produced by the prestigious UW Press.


New work from EWU Professor Emeritus Ruben Trejo. We showed some great stuff for November and now we’ve got… MORE! And this is some of the really fun stuff!

The Spokesman-Review described Ruben as “nationally admired” and an “acclaimed artist”. Wikipedia says he was a “a prominent 20th century sculptor and painter”. He was also a admired EWU professor. It’s been almost a decade since he passed and his son (Eugenio) Jose Trejo wished to bring out dozens of Ruben’s work to share with Spokane (and sell). Ruben’s most recent show was at our Inland Empire’s jewel the MAC. Yes, he has work in the prestigious Smithsonian. Yes, the prestigious UW Press produced a book about him. Yes, you need to see this show. We’ve got some great paintings by Ric Gendron, Jim Dhillon, Gordon Wilson, Michael Dinning, sculpture by Connie Stout and Rick Davis.

January 2018 – GU ALUM JIM DHILLON 

WHAT: Jim’s brought a bunch of fresh, huge, attract work to share. You may remember his massive pieces from his 2016 or 2017 shows. You loved ’em! Veraci Pizza loved one so much that it’s permanently there (check it out – they’re across the street and down the block).

Feb 2018 – BEST OF BEND – Best of Bend’s Best 

WHO: Bend, Oregon is booming right now! One of the coolest things about it is the Peterson/Roth gallery – Bend’s foremost contemporary art gallery. Ken Roth, their amazing curator, has put together a fantastic show highlighting some of the best painters in the entire region.

WHAT: Oil can be so difficult and time consuming to work with. These guys make it look easy! Check out the above poster and our FB page for samples of the works. People loved this gorgeous work!

March 2018 – OFFICIAL 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY – Starring Melissa Cole’s NEW LINE Of Encaustics 

WHO: Melissa has won huge commissions all over the Pacific Northwest – from Idaho to Alaska – and we get to host her newest medium: encaustics! These beauties involve melted wax – wow!

WHAT: Melissa will also show some of her classic gorgeous, colorful, detailed paintings of nature (and its varied inhabitants). If you’ve ever seen that massive mural outside of Marmot then you’ll recognize her style!

April 2018 – Confluence: Painting And Dance – Starring Vytal Movement Dance Company and Grace Barnes

WHO: Vytal is relatively new, but taking Spokane by storm! In order to promote their big show at The Bing we thought we’d give you a free preview of the show! And Grace Barnes also paints! What a combo!

May 2018 – Gordon Wilson – Italian Hilltowns, Etc…

WHO: Gordon has taught generations of painters here in Spokane. He is the chair of the Art Department at Whitworth University. He knows a thing or two about how to create great art!

WHAT: Gordon has spent many a summer with his wife in the famed hilltowns of Tuscany and Umbria in Italy. Together, they grab their brushes and easels and head out into the city to meet the locals and to paint in the town squares the scenes before them. Yes, it can get pretty windy. Ask Gordon about it!



WHO: Ric is one of the top artist in the Inland Empire. He paints with vivid acrylics. You may recognize him from his murals at the Museum of Arts & Culture or his massive reprints on the side of the Ruby Hotel in downtown Spokane.

MORE: From the book RATTLEBONE: “For over three decades Ric Gendron has been creating a deeply imaginative, sincere, culturally authentic, approachable body of work – beautiful, moving paintings”. He is one of the very few Pacific Northwest artist to have had a book produced about him (created by the Missoula Art Museum and distributed by the prestigious UW Press).

WHAT: Ric presented the beginnings of what will become his next book and traveling exhibit. He grew up near the Columbia River and has just recently moved back. Full Circle.


WHO: This is a rare find! Rob spends his days teaching art at Whitworth and his nights with his family. He rarely has time to exhibit – so we’re in for quite a treat!
WHAT: Don’t be fooled by the title – Rob doesn’t quilt – but this series of paintings does focus on quilt-like patterns. You may be reminded of Google Map images. His work focuses on how we humans give and take significance from our external world. His subjects are various landscape forms such as untouched wilderness spaces, manicured city parks, gardens, and expanses of sky.


WHO: If it’s fresh faces you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place! We spend most of our First Fridays celebrating established artists. This month we get to focus on an emerging artist!

WHAT: Labor has been on Haley’s mind for quite awhile and it shows in her work. She’ll exhibit a variety of acrylic paintings, many of which are focused on the female form – especially during pregnancy. She brings a fresh, one-of-a-kind perspective on this theme.





WHO: Christy is headed off to the Windy City! Before she leaves to exhibit in the Midwest she’ll show us some fantastic Encaustics.

WHAT: She’s been using melted wax as a medium for years and years and has produced some incredible work. You get to see it before (some of) it hits the road!






WHO: If you attended Gonzaga University, then you’ve probably met John. He’s a vibrant, fun-loving, recently-retired, popular law professor. “Professor Emeritus” is quite a title – and John has earned it!

WHAT: What may come as a surprise is that John has been producing art for over 15 years. You’ll get a chance to check it out this First Friday and meet the man himself, too!





INFO: The Spokesman-Review described Ruben as “nationally admired” and an “acclaimed artist”. Wikipedia says he was a “a prominent 20th century sculptor and painter”. He was also an admired EWU professor. It’s been almost a decade since he passed and his son (Eugenio) Jose Trejo wished to bring out dozens of Ruben’s work to share with Spokane (and sell). Ruben’s most recent big show was at our Inland Empire’s jewel the MAC. Yes, he has work in the prestigious Smithsonian. Yes, the prestigious UW Press produced a book about him. Yes, you need to see this show!


PAPER WORKS – Serigraphs, Prints, Etc. –

We never do prints. December will be the exception!

WHAT: Serigraphs are super fancy prints. They cost a lot to create, therefore they cost a lot for you to buy. We’ll also have limited edition prints – some will set you back a bit (as only ONE print was made, period). Others will be very affordable.

WHO: Alfredo Arreguin, Ric Gendron, Rob Fifield, plus two surprise guest artists.



Marmot is pleased to present Steven here for the first time ever.  You’re right – he has shown all over the Inland Empire for decades – but now we’ve got him at Marmot!



MORE: Michael is an original for sure – and so is his art! How would you describe it? Assemblage? Multi-media? Non ceramic, non metallic sculpture? Definitely something you’ll want to see for yourself. 




WHO: If you’ve visited Veraci Pizza then you’ve seen “Common Thread” – Jim’s massive, gorgeous 15 foot piece. “The Glow Of Memory” – another 15 footer – completely took over the gallery during last year’s show. What will Jim come up with next? Find out First Friday!



WHO: How many artists do you know that get flown across the country to spend a month in one of the art capitols of the USA – all expenses paid? We know very, very few. Ric just got back from an artist residency at the prestigious Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

MORE: This isn’t the first time Ric had been in Santa Fe – he also exhibited there as a part of the museum tour that accompanied his first book Rattlebone. Ric is one of the most important visual in our region and he continues to earn the title Local Legend with each and every one of these accomplishments.




WHO: Guess who just showed in the Big Apple? Melissa! She aims high and we admire that spirit!

MORE: Melissa will bring work from that show as well as the freshest of the super fresh work that she’s painting as we write this. She can’t bring that 200+ ft bridge she did in Lewiston or her 20 ft by 22 ft piece at the Spokane Convention Center – it’ll all be smaller work. Smaller than those two projects for sure!




WHO: Does it get any bigger than “legendary”? We’re so excited to bring back Legendary Painter Alfredo Arreguin to Spokane!

MORE: Rarely do artists earn the privilege of having their work in The Smithsonian – Alfredo has his work in TWO different Smithsonian galleries. Two!

MORE: Rarely do artists have even one book out – Alfredo has TWO! We’ll debut his second book at Marmot, along with a NEW serigraph!




WHO: We rarely get a chance to feature an emerging artist – which means this one is very special. Jacob is a member of the Hopi tribe in Arizona.

MORE: This show will feature photorealistic acrylics of Native American chiefs, women, and children.

EVEN MORE: Don’t miss this opportunity to check out some new work by a rising young Southwest artist.




WHO: Rob spends his days teaching and his nights and weekends creating. Fun guy, super knowledgeable about his art – which is both thoughtful and intriguing.

MORE: He graduated from the prestigious Rhode Island School Of Design. You can ask him complex questions about art and art history – but you’ll have more fun just hanging out with him and witnessing his work in person.




WHO: Recently we left Spokane to hunt for the “best of the best” Pacific Northwest artists. A stop in Bend, Oregon meant that we got to see Shelli’s work again. It was “love at first sight” last time we saw it. This time we just had to pop the question!



ART PROFESSOR GORDON WILSON – NEW! Italian Hilltowns & Lakes (Plein Air – Oils)

WHO: Thanks to the sales of his gorgeous oil paintings Gordon gets to spend his summers relaxing in Italy. He places his easel down in the town square and – breeze flowing thru his hair – chats with the locals and pushes paint around his canvas. Aren’t you jealous?

MORE: Gordon has been painting and teaching (and painting and teaching) for decades and decades (and decades!) – he’s definitely earned these luxurious summers. Take a little trip to Italy with us on Friday. All aboard!




WHO: The Spokesman-Review describes Ruben as “one of the most influential artists ever to work in the Inland Northwest”. Does it get any better than that?

MORE: Ruben has work in The Smithsonian. He has a book out about him. We’ve shown his huge pieces before, but this time we’ll bring in more affordable works on paper, work that we’ve never shown before.




WHO: Manal is the Resident Artist at Workhouse Arts Center in Virginia. She’s shown all over the world, including London, New York, Cairo, Paris, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Ramallah, Brighton, Delhi, Rome, etc.

MORE: Manal has been interviewed by many US and international journals, magazines & TV channels. Art critic Mark Jensen in the Washington Post: Manal Deeb “superimposes photographs, calligraphy and fabric patterns on her face, constructing a visual metaphor for how women’s identities are overlaid with societal expectations and political circumstances,” blending realism and abstraction. This will be her debut in the Pacific Northwest.

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FUTURE ARTISTS: Marmot Art Space hosts incredible local, regional, national, and international artists.

The community will continue to play a role in suggesting artists and projects – not just the artistic community, but voices from the entire community will be heard. Marshall will have the final say. We are not currently seeking artists, as the response has been enormous already and 2019-2024 is almost completely booked.

Are you interested in showing your artwork? We’ve got most of the next several years already booked, but opportunities sometimes come up for the right person – that right person usually is insanely talented, has been working for a decade or two (or seven) or more 60-90 hours/week building his or her audience, has shown dozens of times in informal and formal settings, has learned a ton from each of those shows and sold a LOT of work.

Is that you? Even if the above doesn’t sound like you, an intelligent artist would read through theses articles to learn about fine art galleries. There’s some amazing info in these articles that could really help your art career.  We suggest you read the following articles: Absolutely Essential Artist Tips. We suggest you read this article very, very carefully: What Galleries Look For In Artists then follow it’s many suggestions. And don’t miss this one: Common Misconceptions About Galleries. All three of these articles were written by a highly successful arts advisor in California with decades upon decades of experience in the art world.

If at some point you want to email us, please search around for the way to email us. If you’ve read the aforementioned articles, this will make total sense; if it doesn’t, check out the articles again. We didn’t write them, but they are amazing articles.

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We’ve been working for five years to turn Kendall Yards into an arts destination. Marmot will always be at the center and, as the only space in Kendall Yards dedicated completely to the visual arts, we’ll always focus on the biggest artists around, but we’re excited to continue to promote all the great things happening on First Fridays in Kendall Yards!

Often the quickest way to find out news is by “liking” our Facebook page (Facebook.com/MarmotArtSpace) and following along. See you First Friday!

FUTURE ARTISTS: Marmot Art Space hosts incredible local, regional, national, and international artists. We are not currently seeking artists, as the response has been enormous already and 2020-2027 is almost completely booked.

When we decide on an artist, we’re looking for the total package: a person who is not just hugely talented, but also a wonderful human being – honest, positive, hard-working, caring, open and more than anything, someone willing and able to collaborate. Any show at Marmot is a collaboration between the curator and the artist. Any artist that we choose to work with must understand the benefits of collaboration and be prepared to put in the time, energy, care, and attention that will result in an amazingly successful show. The focus is not just making and mounting the art, but to the entire collaborative process, an undertaking that draws on our distinctive talents and creates something singular and remarkable in the process. Both the artist and the curator have unique skill sets and we’re excited to see the magic that is the natural result of two talented people working off each other’s strengths.

Often the quickest way to find out news is by “liking” our Facebook page (Facebook.com/MarmotArtSpace) and following along. See you First Friday!