Featured In USA TODAY, Winner of The Inlander’s Best Of - Fine Art Gallery In Spokane, WA.

Hi There!

Thanks so much for supporting our gallery. It’s a locally-owned, small business and we really appreciate it!

Our hours are paired with the neighborhood restaurant hours, so you can come on down to Kendall Yards to have something super amazing to eat, then head on over to Marmot to choose from some of the best artists in the region to take home with you.

We’re open Fridays 3-8pm and Saturdays 12-8pm. When the Night Market opens up for the season, so do we, so add Wednesdays 4-8pm.

Don’t panic if you get bumped to the answering machine. Just text us. If you’re calling outside of our regular hours and it’s Tuesday-Saturday, then often we’re right in the neighborhood and can drop what we’re doing and run on over to open Marmot for you.

Thanks again for investing in Marmot and our arts community.

Here’s the number: (509) 270-5804