Winner of The Inlander’s Best Of - Fine Art Gallery In Spokane, WA.

“In a community that is continually swelling with arts and culture, Marmot Art Space is exactly what Spokane needs: a gallery that presents stellar visual art to anyone who walks through its doors.”

Adam Boyd: Co-Founder, 50 Hour Slam, Former Chair, Spokane Arts Commission, Asst. Dir., Spokane International Film Festival


“I am really excited that Marshall is opening Marmot Art Space. Spokane has few galleries and the opportunity to see art in this beautiful space is a treat. I look forward to future shows and to adding art to my collection of Spokane artists’ works.”

Karen Mobley: Artist, Writer, Arts Consultant, Former Longterm Director, Spokane Arts Department


“Marshall continues to devote all of his boundless energy to improving the Spokane Arts community. This new cleverly named art space is his latest achievement.”

Alison Collins: Owner/Chef, Boots Bakery


“Marshall’s Marmot Art Space is a valuable addition to the vitalization of Kendall Yards. It’s the perfect intimate space to see great local artists!”

Thom Caraway: Poet Laureate, Spokane, Editor, Railtown Almanac, Publisher, Sage Hill Press


 “Marshall is endeavoring to create a gallery space that so many Spokanites have vocalized a need for. His intentions behind Marmot Art Space are to showcase local and non-local artists in an intimate and immersive space, pairing a for-sale format with intermittent installation-based works. We are thrilled about this new space and look forward to what Marshall offers our community. Soon this space will be on the tip of everyone’s tongues and a go-to for creative and cultural experiences.”

Laura Becker: Executive Director, Spokane Arts, Former Project Director, Washington State Arts Commission


 “Nina Simone once said, ‘It’s the artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, to reflect the times’. Marshall and Marmot champion that cause while bringing our community closer, helping it to appreciate itself.”

Juan Mas: Co-Founder, 50 Hour Slam, Board of Directors, Washington Filmworks